I didn't set out to be a wedding photographer, wedding photography kind of found me. It's where my creativity and passion for storytelling meet to capture powerful and meaningful stories worthy of preserving for all of time. When I'm behind the camera, every click of the shutter has purpose and every photo is a documented memory frozen in time. This is a very powerful thing and with great power comes great responsibility. 

Being a wedding photographer allows me to do the things that make me come alive. I have studios in Virginia and Colorado and I photograph weddings all over the country each year. I get to travel to new places, meet new people, and capture amazing stories. I furiously love what I do and I can't wait to help you tell your wedding day story! 

hello. I'm shaun.

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The wedding day is my favorite endeavor. It's an amazing day filled with so many emotions and part of my role is to make sure you have time to enjoy it and take it all in. There's usually so much going on throughout the day and it's easy to get caught up in all the small details or to feel like you're on a tight timeline that takes you from one thing to the next. I'll help you to pause, look up, take it in, and make your own memories. 

In 2014, I set out to create a unique brand that:

1. Prioritizes the vision and needs of my couples.
2. Engages in the planning process to help facilitate a fun, smooth, and relaxing wedding day experience.
3. Realizes the creative process to capture and bestow beautiful and timeless images that will be cherished for generations to come.

I'm headed into my 7th season with over 200 weddings photographed and I'm fortunate to have such an incredible group of brides and grooms who feel more like friends than clients and I love that. I'm invested in my couples and am honored to be part of such an important time of their lives. 

the marriage is greater than the wedding day

The SMP Vision

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